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Hundai Engineering and construction company Job vacancies

Hundai Engineering and construction company job vacancies

Hundai Engineering and construction company JOB VACANCIES

Hundai Engineering and construction company is the one of the leading  construction company in South Korea  .They handed the project  not only in Korea , but in the world .In 1974 Mr Chung Ju Yung found the Hyundai civil work company  and the major collaboration with Hyundai group .They merged in 1999 as Hyundai construction and Hyundai  Engineering  .Hyundai have played the major role in importation of laborers in middle east for the construction projects in the year of 1970-80 and they have signed the first contract in the middle east region  for the project of the shipyard for the Iranian Navy .Almost the 800000 Koreans are went to work in Saudi Arabia and 25000 are went to Iran.

The company was under the Korean Credit management and the Hyundai group was split in to many entities and HDFC was the main Shareholder of the Hyundai Merchant marine .Hyundai motor Group is the new owner of the Hyundai Construction and Engineering in 2011. We inform you latest job news from Hundai Engineering and Construction Company, more details and job vacancies are following below…

HVAC Engineers (for Building) Kuwait
Quantity Surveyors (for Building) Kuwait
Architectural Field Engineers Kuwait
Forklift Operators Kuwait
Vibratory Roller Operators Kuwait
Backhoe Operators Kuwait
Wheel Loader Operators Kuwait
Hydro Crane Operators Kuwait
Tractor Drivers Kuwait
Rebars / Steel Fixers Kuwait
Tractor Drivers Kuwait
Masons Kuwait
Civil Foremen Kuwait
Tractor Drivers Kuwait
Shuttering Carpenter Foremen Qatar
Senior Planning Engineers Qatar
Male Nurses Qatar
Admin Assistants Qatar
Generator Repairman UAE
Bus Drivers UAE

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