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Schlumberger Job opportunities

The company is the oil and gas industry leader in the market providing the product and service with the strong history and culture of innovation and technologies. is the job advertising portal in the employment settings. The latest information about the jobs are available in the website to apply. The career opportunities are varies in the company as per the demand of the innovation and market needs. The company has the strong history and founded the year of the 1926. The company always invents the latest technologies to solve the energy.



However the company believes the people in the company are the valuable asset to the success of the company. Schlumberger recruited the candidate who has the passion and ambition. As per the motivation and encouraging the company provides the training and development create the best candidate to compete the rival. Finejbz are the best career portal in the job market where you can find the latest jobs in the world.

Operations Specialist Dubai, UAE
Project Manager – Front End Engineering Dubai, UAE
Facilities & Operations Lead Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Database Administrator Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Operations Specialist Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Trees / Wellheads Delivery Co-ordinator London, UK
Projects Team Lead Aberdeen, UK
Construction Co-ordinator (Upstream) London, UK
Cloud Software Engineer Sugar Land, USA
Industrial Data Security Engineer Sugar Land, USA
Mechanical Engineering Manager Houston, USA
User Experience Designer Houston, USA



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