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Arabian Construction Company job vacancies



ACC is one of the leading construction contractors in Middle East. The company specialized in Infrastructure projects, complex and prestigious construction. The main portfolio is to build the region Iconic and luxurious Hotels and landmarks and five star hotels, hospitals and creative building in the modern architectural view .ACC also in to Oil and gas projects with power plant and marine projects. The company hae the dec-dicate and talented team, who could deliver the company mission and vision and to become the leading place in the industries and gain recognition. Long-lasting contract and relationship with our client make us to provide the best service in these settings.



At ACC the working environment are rewarding and challenging with high talented team where, the can utilize their strength and potential to achieve the company goal. The company always follows value of the people .ACC is the platform for individual with talent and skill, knowledge and attitude who can perform independently to contribute in the company. Company always designed the package for the competitive people to relay on the company and use their potential and support the career growth in next level. Competitive salary with benefit ,which in clued the medical air, annual leave, compensation and allowance make people more happy to be with us to deliver the highest standard of work.

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