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Etisalath job vacancies

Etisalath is world leading telecommunication group. The company operates its function from UAE and become the leading telecommunication service provider in UAE.  The company has got the capital of 36 billion USD with the profit of 8.3 billion as per the recent survey. As per the innovative technology and solutions to the company provide become the leading company in the market. The company introduce the 5g setting in the UAE and coordinating the design and development of the ICT platforms in future for the 5G generation broad band. In these settings Abu Dhabi is the first place in the palnet who have got the 5G setting and fast internet service through the fiber optic settings.  This significant movement in the technological settings the company become one of the market leader in the industry.



The career opportunities are wide range in telecommunication settings.  The company success is to motivate the employees and satisfaction.  The world is more in to connectivity and much easier through the latest technology and the company has got many technological careers. The website such as the are the career portal where you can see many jobs in the world around and update on the latest jobs.  The company provides the professional touch in the company for to work and make them more comfortable place to work. The effort and achievement are consider and to value. Here you will find the to provide the latest updates on jobs around the world.

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