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General electric job vacancies

About General electric

General electric is one of the leading multinational conglomerate in America located in New York and have got headquarters in Boston and Massachusetts and It was established in April 15, 1892. The company has the revenue derived most of the financial services along with the manufacturing arm and become the largest money lenders in countries other than USA. In the year of 2015 the company introduce and set up the silicon carbide chip packing R&D center in New York and that would create the 470 jobs in initial and when its become gradually expand its create the 820 more jobs wit in 10 years time.



Career opportunity at GE always gives the learning and development opportunities or the employees taking this training across their digital platform. GE has the leaning and leadership programs setter at their global site. Throughout the advanced cultural evolutionary they could shape the strategy and leaders are equipped & inspired to success. These result the flourishing performance of employees on this cultural environment. The company always concerned the health and safety of the employees.

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