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Halliburton Job vacancies

The company founded in the year of the 1919. The company is one of the leading in the energy industry by providing the service and products for development. With operating more than 70 countries over the 50,000 employees are from the 140 national. The company has very good history by serving the industry by focusing on the innovation and expansion. The Founder of the Halliburton stated the first research laboratory in the year of the 1930 to testing the cement mixes to increase the production of the gas and oil. The company started the first step in to the international settings in the year of the 1926 and start selling the cement unit to Burma.The initial step in to European made in the year of the 1951 with the name of the Halliburton’s Italians SPA.



The company has more concerned about the communities by enhancing the social and economic well being to develop the communities are the principle of the company.  However the company creates the opportunity to benefit the communities where the company lives and work. One of the sustainability developments is the integrity and ethics to provide the structure of the operation.  Hence every decisions are met the sustainability development.  This is guiding principle of the company. Therefore the company looks every aspect of the decision to protect the ethics and integrity. We inform you latest job vacancies at Halliburton.

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