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Khalifa University Job vacancies

The University Khalifa founded in the year of the 2007 by HH Shiek Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan as part of their 2030 vision project. The University Located in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in UAE. The main campus is in Abu Dhabi with engineering and graduate degree programs respectively.  The courses are accredited by the engineering accreditation commission of ABET. This university is nonprofit independent organization by the support of the UAE government. The advanced learning and research technologies are main discovery. The academic systems are following the American System of higher education and to develop the international standards of academic culture.

Abu Dhabi is focusing more in academic development though the advancement of technologies to the students from national and international level. The main facilities are occupied for students in the campus are making them more relax and offer more conferrable area.  The facilities in the student’s hub are various recreational areas for students.  Coffee hubs and library are another facility for student to relax.



The main attraction for the talented candidates is the learning and development to build the university at top level in the UAE. The university provides the best benefit and package to employees to attract. Hence the recruitment team are continues hiring best talent to fulfill the mission of the university. The university creates the best compensation packages to reflect the value of the employees. Apart from this the university provides the other allowance such as the housing, transportation, medical benefits also are given to employees. Educational allowance also helps the employees to cover the cost of school. The UAE national are considering the Abu Dhabi pension plan scheme. Expatriate have their annual ticket t back home on vacations and repatriation allowance also help the employees to attract the University. The University is creating the best culture and place to work.

Current job vacancies at Khalifa University

Nuclear Engineering Faculty Nuclear Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Physics Faculty Applied Mathematics and Sciences Abu Dhabi, UAE
Robotics Faculty Robotics Institute Abu Dhabi, UAE
Physics Preparatory Senior Lecturer Preparatory Program Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mechanical Engineering Faculty Mechanical Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Biomedical Engineering Faculty Biomedical Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Chemical Engineering Faculty, Chemical Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Electrical and Computer Engineering Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Chemistry Faculty, Applied Mathematics and Sciences Abu Dhabi, UAE
Civil Engineering Faculty, Civil Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Applied Mathematics and Statistics Faculty, Applied Mathematics and Sciences Abu Dhabi, UAE
Aerospace Engineering Faculty, Aerospace Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Industrial Engineering Faculty, Industrial and Systems Engineering Abu Dhabi, UAE
Cyber Security Faculty, Institute of International and Civil Security Abu Dhabi, UAE
English Senior Lecturer, Preparatory Program Abu Dhabi, UAE



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