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McColl’s job vacancies

McColl’s is one of the retail groups in the UK and it has around 1370 store throughout the Kingdom. The group is one of the second largest in the country and operates 550 post offices and other news agent sector. Hence the company has the steadily growth in the post office and convenient settings. This retail group is founded in the year of the 1973 in the vending operation and later the year of 1994the company step in to the retail business and opens the first convenient store. The group is still remaining to continue the retail business through the convenient channel. The retail group opens their 750th convenient store in the year of the2015.

The store format is in two different sector one in convenient and other is in news agent settings The store are serving the community regions and its growing continuously increase in the number of store and become the 1000 in the latest survey. The news agent store are open in the name of the martins brand name and its named in Scotland as RS McColl’ The newsagent sector are mainly concentrating the confectionery and post office and pay point. The company acquires many businesses in the country, but the store needed to be the 500squre feet.



The company has many vacancies in the country and the success of the company is the dedicated employees. The company always looks for the talented candidate to apply for the vacancies that posted in the career web.  The rewarding careers are waiting for the in many streams such as management of stores and many more.

Supervisor Brentwood, UK
Store Manager Designate Brentwood, UK
Store Colleague Loughton, UK
Relief Manager Chelmsford, UK

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