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Pepsico job vacancies

Pepsico is an American big chain multinational food industry in food, snack and beverage based in Purchase in USA. The company is more in to Production marketing and distribution and so on. The company was found in the year of the 1965 with merging pepsico –Cola and Frito-Lay. The company has got the retail sales more than 1 billion and the company products are distributed worldwide and its around the 200 countries. As per the annual revenue the company is become the second largest company in the world. The Indian chief executive office Mr. Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi becomes the executive in chief since the year of the 2006. More than 274000 employees are working PepsiCo in all over the world.



In between the year of the 1970 and 1990 the company become expanded through the acquisition and become largest in 1997. The company also become start business beyond the operation and starts the soft drink and snack food in to their business aligns. The company has got the many product line and reaches the sales about 7 billion in cumulative retail sales.

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