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Raytheon Job vacancies

The company founded Mr Vannevar Bush who worked in the School of engineering. The main area f interest was the electric and gases and eventually the innovation in some of the revolutionary invention in S gas rectifier tube. The company established in Cambridge. The company has moved the growth in to electronic instruments. Raytheon plyedthe crucial role in world war 2nd and they are send many instrument to help countries like USA and Britan. The magnetron is one of the instrument used t detect the anti aircraft shell from other aircraft to protect the country is made by Raytheon and 80 percentage of the instruments is used the UK and USA. The company is concerned more in civilian product after the world war. The company is one of the most famous training and development consultant services to many countries. The consulting service such as the strategic management is one of their services of Raytheon.



The career opportunities are mainly in various streams and candidates are welcome to apply many jobs that suit their skills and experience. Training and development are one of the key factors for the company development in mission and vision. Hence the management is always concerned the best training and development in the employment. The career opportunities are mainly in career portal sites such as the

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